Lots of Education, Lots of Debt

Arla B., age 31, Master's level counselor
Ben B., age 32, Attorney (Public Sector)
Rural City, California
2 children under age 5

Betty's Monthly Income: $3500
Danny's Monthly Income: $3600

Mortgage: $1375

Danny's Student Loans: $870
Betty's Student Loans: ($400, in deferment)

Health Insurance: $0 (government insurance, huge deductible)

Car 1: $256
Car 2: $577
Car Insurance: $96
Gas: $120

Credit Card minimums: $370 (3 cards total)

Childcare: $284 (part-time)

Medical Bills: $350 (payment arrangements for a total of $2000)

Gas and Electric: $125 (average)
Phones/Internet: $200

Food: $700
Eating out: $100

Misc. (Diapers, Household Items, etc.) $240

Dry Cleaning: $120

Traveling: $200

Random Crap that I can't account for: $900

Amount in per month: $7200
Amount out: $ 6900

We are so bad with money. We should have been able to save like 10 grand last year, but our savings account has about $17 in it. Even when my student loans and 2nd child's daycare cost kick in, we still should be able to save a little every month. We've resolved to stop spending our extra income on crap, but we'll see if we can do it.