Other People's Money Confessions #2

We don't have any money saved for our kids' college education. They're 15 and 17, and they think that we do.

--The K's, age 51 and 57

Popular Blogger Shows Us Her Money

Whoa. This lady (warning, lots of expletives on her site) spends $2650 on rent???? That's double my mortgage!

Results of today's budget figures:

Monthly income: $5400/month (including my [online writing] gig and some disability money for Mr. B. from the VA)

Rent: $2650
Car insurance: $74
Gas (heat and cooking, averaged out over the year): $200
Phone: $40
Long distance: $10
Cells: $95
Internet: $60
Garbage: $8

Slightly discretionary:
Gas (car): $120
Groceries: $600
LA Times: $10 (cancel it)
Ventura County Star: $10 (cancel it)
Netflix: $10

What's leftover, per month, to pay for after-school care, summer camps, books (I buy too many books), eating out, clothes, and stupid [stuff] we don't really need: $1475.

Which means that we have about $369/week discretionary spending for the three of us. Notice our lack of things like a car payment, life insurance (though Mr. B. has some through his job), renter's insurance, and health care deductibles.

So, I am not the only one who spends a bunch of money on stupid [stuff] we don't need...

Other People's Money Confessions #1

I pawned my sister's guitar so I could pay my loser boyfriend's rent.

--J.P., age 32

About Other People's Money

I am Betty Bucks. I came up with this site because:

1. I am nosy

2. I want to know how much other people make and spend


3. I love Postsecret like everyone else in the free world.

Hopefully this site allow me to see if I am the only one with out-of-control spending and huge debt, or if I am just one of the masses. And fulfill my Postsecret-like voyeuristic financial curiosity.

My husband, Danny Bucks, runs this site with me. He breaks out into a cold sweat during Suze Orman's "Can I Afford It?" segment of her show. He hates late fees and hopes Santa will bring him a flat screen t.v. this year. I would prefer cash money.